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Like Lazarus

Like Lazarus & his sisters we could use the help of intentional community to be unwrapped, cleansed, and with staying focused! 

I intended to go to a different laundromat this morning. The other is bigger, feels cleaner, and has free WiFi. But I stopped by a different one to buy a few laundry tote bags. However, when I got inside a woman was asking the attendant for the FREE laundry detergent and my eyes lit up! Not only does this laundromat offer free detergent but the washers are cheaper than where I normally wash/dry. Of course I decided to stay 🤣. Before I decided, I had to investigate the type of detergent first. Thankfully it is a brand we know and generally trust; that is until I start making our own detergent.

As the sister was pouring the detergent in I couldn't help myself. I asked her if I could take a photo of her (CONSENT is always sexy) because My Lord just started to speak. I heard "we need help getting clean!"

So that leads me to propose these questions and I hope to answer them myself below.

How often are you actively participating in a small and/or intentional community that holds you accountable?

When did you see your need to be part of that intentional community?

Identify 3 areas of growth in your life since participating in this intentional community.

I realize that many of us are connected to strong, capable, brilliant, and wise folks. But the key to intentional communities that include accountability is our collective vulnerability, our desire to serve each other, and our active surrender and repentance to The Lord. 

I will admit that I am participating in some intentional communities but they did not start off with us agreeing or asking to keep each other accountable. The accountability has come naturally as folks began to trust that God is maturing each of us. I am beginning to see a more developed need for accountability with my husband and a few sisterfriends and our church Grow Group (Shout out to GG11). 

Presently, I am experiencing supernatural growth in areas of my diet/health via a plant based/only diet, the Lord is healing wounds that have caused me to take a lot of things (ok most things lol) personal, and He is showing me my place in the Kingdom with a deeper and clearer understanding of what my gifts are and how they ought to be used.  

The relationships I get accountability from I use as a measurement for my growth and sharpening. I ask these people to pray for me in areas where I struggle. I ask these people questions and expecting an answer that may not agree with my own. Finally, I seek God as I engage them so that I am not being a friend or spouse based on my own definitions of what strength, love, wisdom, or support look like. Because accountability goes both ways! 

Today, while washing/drying our clothes I confess that we all need help getting clean. But are we willing to be vulnerable enough to ask for the help or to accept the help. Think Lazarus.

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