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again and again

I am so over the idea that it takes 21, 40, 60 or a certain number of days to stop a bad habit or to begin a new healthy one! The truth is, it takes as long as it takes. The other truth I choose to stand on firmly is that God can change us in an instant! God does not need 21 days to change my bad habits. God can use a certain number of days to heal me but He doesn't need it!

Today, I begin again.

Beginning again for me is about listening again. It is about discerning God's plan for me again. It is about reevaluating what I have been doing again. It is about God redefining and refining me! It is about resting in the promises of God again. 

It is less about a meal plan or fitness regimen. This is a retreat from disease, a retreat from feeding disease and cravings. This is a time for following directions even when it doesn't feel good. This is a time for listening when I would rather speak. This is a time for being still when I would rather move. This is about following when I would rather lead. This is about standing when I would rather sit. This is about resting in God's promises when I would rather be stressed out. 

Why? Because I want to LIVE and NOT DIE (Psalm 118:17) so I can preach, teach, love, eat, advocate, walk, and behave like a declaration that the glory of the Lord is so good! 

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