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be still.

When was the last time you were still?

Yesterday, I was given the amazing opportunity to get access to a resort for the remainder of my stay in Texas. A lot is at play in that last statement, so let me just break it on down!

  1. I lost some weight over the last several years and had thrown away my old swimsuit.

  2. Due to our family's income I was not able to purchase a new one before traveling for this conference.

  3. Also due to our income I needed to make sure that all of our finances focused on my meals so paying resort fees was not my plan at all!

  4. I grew up hiding all the parts of me that were not socially acceptable and was feeling really uneasy about wearing a swimsuit anyway.

As we got our complimentary passes for the resort I began brainstorming what I would wear to the pool, I remembered that I packed a few things that would work as a swimsuit and got excited! My colleagues and I went to our rooms, changed then met each other back in the lobby to go to the resort.

For a moment we sat pool side in lounge chairs, I said to myself in the words of my son Gabriel "This is the life!" After a few moments I decided that's it i'm getting in! The "lazy river" was my first and actually only stop in the resort lol. After I got adjusted in my tube I started praying. The first few words uttered was about stillness and realized although I was in this "lazy river" I wasn't being still. I got readjusted and tried to be still.

The beauty of the "lazy river" is that there is no need to move (stress) or navigate (lead) yourself. The current takes you from start to finish. It reminded me of God! I don't have to lead because God is. I don't have to worry or have fear about how things are going to work out when my resources aren't as plenty, because God is taking care of it all!!

Being still is not the same as doing nothing.

Being still (Psalm 46:10) is an active resistance

to worry, fret, and fear.

I browsed some swimsuits before leaving MD, couldn't afford them and was bummed - but I decided to be still. When I found out about the resort fees, I was disappointed but I decided to be still.

To live out Psalm 46:10 it is imperative that we Trust God, Know God, and Chill. I admit that if you have never tried to be still and know that God is, it could potentially be the most difficult thing you do.

But it is possible to be still when your child dies. Is this your story?

It is possible to be still when the rent is due and you have been out of work for 6 months. This was my story.

It is possible to have survived sexual violence and be still. This is my story.

It is possible to be still when you have a plan to move 400+ miles away from family and friends but not have secured housing up until the day you move! This is my story.

It is possible to be still after receiving a terminal diagnosis. Is this your story?

It is possible to be still after your elderly loved one (parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle)

transitions to long term nursing home. This is my story.

It is possible to be still after your 28 year old healthy cousin dies. This is my story.

It is possible to be still after your spouse steps out of your 20+ years of marriage. Is this your story?

It is possible to travel to Texas and not worry about if there are plant based options everywhere you dine. This is my story.

Being still is possible!

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