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I'm learning how to listen. Listen to my body. Listen to my children. Listen to my husband. Listen to my community. Listen to other family members. Listen to friends. Listen to the Lord. This year I learned that I do lots of talking and not nearly enough listening. So much so that God instructed me at the beginning of the year that this would be a quiet year, no engagements or speaking opportunities. This news was uncomfortable initially because most times when i'm invited to speak somewhere I am also blessed with a financial honorarium or love offering which is really helpful to our family. But God knows best. I thought about how much speaking I tend to do on a regular basis, particularly during prayer. I do so much talking to God, that I am really beginning to desire quiet time during prayer so that I can give God some time for Him to speak with me.


It's not so much that I or you are not listening well. Maybe we are not listening at all!


Sometimes that quiet time to listen to God comes in the form of writing in my journal; like I am writing down what I am hearing God say; after i've written down things I may be struggling with or curious about.

Being quiet while someone is speaking is not the same as listening. How many times have you been quiet while someone else was speaking but you were texting, scrolling your newsfeed, playing a game on your phone or tablet or getting some writing done while the person was speaking? Now you may have been quiet but that doesn't mean you were actually listening.

I encourage you to take some intentional time to shut out the noise (turn off the TV, put your phone on silent, shut down the laptop and simply let God know that you desire to hear Him and that you are waiting for His voice. This takes some practice because we are so accustomed to speaking and paying attention to the number of things around us that can create distractions. However, I believe when we take a few extra moments to let God know that we are here and ready to listen to what He has to say I guarantee that we will be empowered, blessed, healed, and experience the power of His love and grace! And real talk God might just be waiting for you to slow down and quiet down just enough so that He can reveal a mystery or two that you have been curious about or have been stressing over.

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