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here we go again

Ever tried something? Did not like it. Gave up? Did not think you could finish? Then decide to try again. Me too. Today I am going to try moving my body intentionally again. Moving my body as an act of stewardship, because my body is a resource God equipped my soul & mind with. 

For some people movement is simple and does not require a whole lot of self-talk. So this is for people who have a hard time moving your bodies due to sexual assault trauma or other issues that have created a stumbling wall let alone a block! 

This "here we go again" moment is for those of us that do not see ourselves in the workout videos we use to instruct us. This "here we go again" moment is for those of us that have seen the fruit of eating clean and working out but gained back a lot of weight, got off track and have had the worse time getting back to the basics. 

This is for us. The ones who fight for everyone else but can't seem to fight as hard for ourselves. 

This is for us. A declaration that we are equipped and empowered to move our bodies, feel and be humbled and excited as we see the results.

This is for us. The silent and embarrassed to move our bodies in fitness groups because we carry extra weight. 

This is for us. Why? Because there are some of us who need another boost when the boosters moved on. Because some of us need to know that someone who looks like them is going to try again. Because some of us just need to know that someone else is willing to try again too. Because some of us can ignore that still small voice for only so long! 

"I can do all things through Christ because he gives me strength." Philippians 4:13 ICB

We can move our bodies! 

We can see the numbers drop on scales!

We can eat clean and stay hydrated!

Because Jesus gives us strength! 

This trying again may be deeper for you. I know it is for me. Maybe you are like me in which generational curses are at the root of your sedentary life. Maybe you are like me in which the root cause of your poor eating habits is connected to coping after trauma. Maybe this is a bigger deal than just getting out there and moving. Maybe every time you lace up your kicks you are literally winning part of a lifetime war! 

Whatever it is for you and I, please know that I believe we can try it again and again and again everyday until the trying becomes practice. We can try again until the practice is perfected. We can keep trying until we take our last breath. 

I believe Jesus wants us to win every battle that the enemy has launched against us. The battles in our minds, bodies and souls. Here we go again! 

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