Out Of The Box!


I wanted to do something different for Father's Day this year. My husband can be quite picky about a few things; but when I really think about who he is overall he is a pretty easy going guy. Che in many ways is so selfless even though he might say i'm more of the selfless person.  He doesn't want for much. Che has learned how to be content with little and when he has much - dude splurges! Today, I wanted to share his heart in the form of an interview concerning fatherhood, being transformed and his legacy. This is a much longer read than we typically share but I thought it was important. I desired to share pieces of Che as a testimony of how God is not through with any of us yet! I hope it resonates with you. I hope it encourages and challenges you. I hope it helps you to be grateful for whatever you have. Thanks for reading & sharing.

Happy Father's Day Che!

Happy Father's Day to the men who desire to be dads!

Happy Father's Day to the dads that have lost their children!

Happy Father's Day to all the dads that are incarcerated!

Happy Father's Day to my daddy!

Happy Father's Day to the dad's that spend all day driving!

Happy Father's Day to the guys that have yet to take

responsibility for their lives they helped create!

Happy Father's Day to the dads living miles apart from their babies!

Happy Father's Day to the dads that take care of other people's children!

Happy Father's Day to you!

T H E  I N T E R V I E W 

Can you tell me about a time when you didn’t know what to do? What did you end up doing?

"I have never been one to think that there is no choice to be made. Even if that choice is prayer. It's a choice. Now, a time where I felt helpless or at my lowest or a time when I didn't make a choice was when I found out my ex-wife was pregnant by someone else. I was numb. There was no choice to be made. That was a breaking point for me, because I didn't make a choice and became the person I thought I left behind. I guess I made a choice to not make a choice and go with the flow. I went back to the weed, the alcohol and that lifestyle… I pretty much didn't care about life anymore after that!"

What treasure did your father give you? The one thing Che's father (Michael Henry Burgess RIP) always pushed on Che was that he needed to be better than him.  Che's dad didn't want Che to make the same choices he made in life. "My father put a lot of responsibility on my shoulders to be better than he was. My dad made a lot of mistakes, so much so that he wasn't around a lot. He was a womanizer for a lot of his life. He wasn't around during our childhood. Mom and dad got divorced when I was 8 and that changed my life radically. But people change. My dad changed." When Che was an adult his father was the dad he wanted him to be when he was a child. "He took care of me in so many ways. He was there when I needed him as an adult. He showed me in essence what a bad father was and a glimpse of what a good father is."

What's one thing you would tell your dad today if he was still alive? Tearfully Che shared "I miss him & I wish he was still here I wish he could see this. His grand-kids. I wish I had an opportunity to say goodbye. What I would do for the opportunity to have another Sunday brunch with him at his house and hear him cracking his corny jokes, sitting outside and talking about everything and nothing. I wish I could tell him I love him, that I appreciate him doing his very best, and that I am grateful for the time we got to spend with each other. I am super grateful that he made me leave Bermuda!"

When you became a father what was the single most treasure you desired to secure for your children (emotionally, spiritually, physically)?  

EMOTIONALLY: "I want my children to feel like they are safe. I want my children to know this is not a safe world but that they can feel safe in it anyway. I want them to be aware of what is going on in this world and I want them to know that safety does not come from this world; that it comes from the Lord. If God can set David up in the presence of his enemies and he be safe, then I want them to know that GOD can do that for them too (Psalm 23:5). I want my kids to know that there are many enemies out there but God is bold and brave enough that they can face them...I want my kids to feel safe"

SPIRITUALLY: Che wants his children to have a firm foundation of who Christ is. He wants his children to know the love of Jesus & why it is important to love Him back.

PHYSICALLY: "I want my kids to have what I didn't have as a child, an understanding of what health is and the importance of making sure that their physical body is taken care of just as there spiritual being is."

What are you most afraid of as a man, as a father, and as a husband?

AS A MAN: Che opened up about working through his fear of failure! "I am afraid to fail and that's crippling because anybody that is afraid to fail is not going to push themselves in areas where they haven't already succeeded in. That fear keeps you complacent. That's my greatest fear. Fear of failing. I think that's why God has me on my journey. Because all of this is new to me and it is very uncomfortable."

Photo Credit: Cheryl Maida 2014