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Hanging it up!

Ché is hanging up the meat game & idleness and I am hanging up fear and doubt!  Our lives depend on it! Our soul salvation depends on it! Our children do not know but they need us to fast in this season too! We confess that some things ONLY come by fasting & prayer (Matthew17:21)

Follow us on this journey as we follow Christ.

Isaiah 58 teaches us that fasting is more than abstinence. Fasting is an act of resistance. Fasting is rebellion against injustice, poverty, misuse, abuse, and oppression. Fasting is ensuring that those who are vulnerable experience relief. Fasting is learning how to #bethesalt (Matthew 5:13). Fasting is an act of surrender, symbolizing that we are not in control. Fasting is humbling ourselves before God to experience whatever He decides.

This fast is ridiculously different, because it is not abstinence in the way we have been accustomed to practicing. This fast is full of action as a resistance to what was. This fast is a weapon of sin destruction! 

Although God has been speaking directly to Ché about releasing meat from his diet since the beginning of 2017 (Note: the plan was always for him to stop June 30, 2017) he is in the sweet spot of surrender. I on the other hand am newly confronting the traps that fear and doubt has laid for me over the last 39 years, which places me in the sweet spot of surrender too.

So, for the month of July we are participating in a corporate fast & plan to share regularly. Our pastor offers a fasting guide, if you are interested connect with him via the church website Restoration Praise Center.

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