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The Courageous Resistance to Celebrate!

Trauma can reshape our minds, bodies, and souls into believing that there isn't much to celebrate. All trauma, medical, emotional, housing insecurity, poverty, food insecurity, loss of a loved one, physical, financial, violence, sexual, spiritual and/or relational. The impact of trauma can be long term. A person can experience trauma as a child and still see the impact of it 30, 40, 50 years down the line. But we believe God can heal the brain and the body from the impact of trauma. So we celebrate!

One of the ways that trauma affects people is to water life down. Simply put, it can create this domino like experience in which people find very little reasons or no reason to smile, play, laugh, and celebrate in general. Today, as an act of courageous resistance to trauma I am going to celebrate and I want to share a bunch of reasons to celebrate. I hope you see something on this list (see below) that resonates with you and you decide to celebrate God for giving you a reason to party too. 

Partying doesn't have to be a big bash.  Your party might be to simply smile today. Your party could be to drink all your water today, to forgive, to throw a  30 second dance party, to go outside to soak up some Vitamin D. However, you choose to celebrate our hope is that it would be a celebration that is healthy, positive, responsible, and intentional!


Let's Celebrate!


  1. You woke up this morning

  2. You can read this post

  3. The sun is shining

  4. It's raining

  5. God loves you so much

  6. You are part of a community 

  7. Someone called to check on you in the last 30 days

  8. You can move

  9. You can still dream

  10. Your body regardless of ability is a temple

  11. You can Rise!

  12. You called a hotline for support

  13. You took your meds

  14. It's July

  15. You have a place to live

  16. You're not ashamed

  17. You are willing to try again

  18. You know stuff

  19. You won

  20. You are on your way to being debt free

  21. There is at least 1 person in your life that cares about you

  22. You have access to mental health therapy

  23. You got a promotion

  24. You purchased a home

  25. Survived an encounter with law enforcement

  26. You got a new car

  27. You wrote a new book, poem, blog post

  28. You are going back to school

  29. You graduated

  30. You are a writer

  31. You're fasting

  32. You are still a dreamer

  33. You walked away

  34. You survived

  35. God is your strength

  36. God provides

  37. God listens to you

  38. God healed you

  39. God reconciled you

  40. You met someone kind

  41. You still have at least one tooth in your mouth

  42. You survived homelessness

  43. You survived an abusive relationship

  44. You took a leap of faith

  45. You decided not to give up

  46. You experience power when you pray

  47. You still have faith in God

  48. You believe God can

  49. You refuse to hate

  50. You have a job

  51. You're getting married this month

  52. It's your birthday

  53. You want to be better

  54. You desire to live free

  55. You want God to make you whole

  56. You exercised

  57. You ate clean(er)

  58. You are a good active listener

  59. This day is almost over

  60. Trauma didn't kill you

  61. You are stronger

  62. You are wiser

  63. You love the Lord

  64. You desire to tell others about Jesus

  65. Jesus saved you

  66. You are on the road to wellness

  67. You are healthy

  68. You know how to be humble

  69. You survived incarceration

  70. You are still learning

  71. You lost weight

  72. You gained weight

  73. You're an anomaly

  74. You are willing to wait

  75. You started a business

  76. You changed for the best

  77. You got married

  78. You are surviving the death of a child

  79. You are still hopeful

  80. You decided to follow God

  81. You are an advocate

  82. You stand up against injustice

  83. You do more than required

  84. You are content

  85. You are still willing to love

  86. You tithe

  87. You volunteer for an under-resourced community

  88. You serve others

  89. You gave birth to people

  90. You donate goods

  91. You share your resources with those that don't have much

  92. You still speak to people as you pass them by on the street

  93. You trust God 

  94. You speak more than one language

  95. You're an immigrant

  96. You let go & let God

  97. You got up after falling down

  98. You didn't stop

  99. You're a refugee

  100. You are resisting fear

  101. You study & live out your bible to stay ready for the return of Christ

  102. You repent

  103. You are trying to live like Christ

  104. You like to encourage others

  105. You allowed someone to support and/or love you!

Wow, I could literally go on and on. There are so many reasons to celebrate. 

Today, is a good day to celebrate God for something. Don't let the enemy, naysayers, or people who are unwilling to celebrate deter you! The truth is Ecclesiastes 3 teaches us that there is a time and place for everything!

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