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We can!

This is a declaration! A declaration filled with hope, promise, and encouragement! On this beautiful Monday mourning/morning; I pray you experience a supernatural level of courage to do the hard things! You, my friend can do the hard things like:

  1. Eat Clean

  2. Speak up and against oppression

  3. Drink your water

  4. Love your body regardless of its ability, size, and/or shape

  5. Believe the Promises of God

  6. Pray for others 

  7. Fast from behaviors, food, and/or thoughts that distract you from God's Promises

  8. Resist temptation

  9. Refuse to give up

  10. Fight for justice for all 

  11. Celebrate the life of a loved one that recently died

  12. Love God with all your heart, mind, and strength (Deuteronomy 6:5)

  13. Do your chores

  14. Take the bus as your only source of transportation

  15. Earn the GPA necessary to be on the Dean's List or Honor Roll

  16. Have faith regardless of what is happening around you

  17. Clean your house

  18. Listen actively before speaking

  19. Pay your rent

  20. Tithe

  21. Believe God's word

  22. Exercise for 30 minutes

  23. Follow the leader

  24. Be a healthy leader

  25. Be the healthy, responsible, and safe parent that you did not have

  26. Write the book, poem, blog, article, essay or sermon...

  27. Presume good will

  28. Give

  29. Be the pastor God called you to be

  30. Be humble

  31. Go through deep waters without losing faith (Isaiah 43:2)

  32. Follow through

  33. Complete the task

  34. Start the project

  35. Move across country

  36. Dream the biggest dream (Acts 2:17)

  37. Listen

  38. Be patient

  39. Be content

  40. Repent

  41. Forgive

  42. Love (again)

  43. Live before you die (John 10:10)

  44. Speak up (Isaiah 61)

  45. Advocate for others (Proverbs 31:8-9)

  46. Help meet the needs of others (Acts 2:44-47)

  47. Finish school

  48. Go to therapy

  49. Stand up to White Supremacy (Isaiah 1:17)

  50. Being honest

  51. Being still

  52. Going beyond 

  53. Be a good steward over our bodies

  54. Claim God's promises

  55. Moving on

  56. Forgiving yourself

  57. Unplug (Exodus 20:8)

  58. Tell someone

  59. Make music

  60. Let go & let God

  61. Recover from addictions 

  62. Be accountable

  63. Rest

  64. "Reclaiming my time" - Rep. Maxine Waters

  65. Rise!

  66. Care for aging & chronically ill loved ones

  67. Write your story

  68. Tell your story

  69. Parent

  70. Stay married

  71. Sing (again)

  72. Play

  73. Experience joy

  74. Pray when you'd rather worry

  75. Keep going

  76. Resist evil

  77. Confront your fears

  78. Resist doubt

  79. Live within your financial means

  80. Come to Jesus - just like you are right now

  81. Fostering children & teens

  82. Obeying God

  83. Trust God

  84. Rise!

  85. Take responsibility for the harm you caused

  86. Be vulnerable

  87. Take a risk and develop a new friendship

  88. Go the extra mile for someone else you don't know very well

  89. Find your "why"

  90. Be the salt & light (Matthew 5:13-15)

  91. Call out White Supremacy among family, friends, and colleagues

  92. Mourn the death of your loved ones

  93. Share your resources

  94. Be still & know that God is fighting for your (Exodus 14:14)

  95. Move your body

  96. Get counseling

  97. Fight fear with God's perfect love (1 John 4:18)

  98. Pray out loud

  99. Ask God what He says about you

  100. Change for the better

  101. Fight for a community garden

Drop our children off for their 1st Day of school

There are so many hard things that we can do because Jesus has promised us that He will help, strengthen, empower, encourage, and cheer us on! It's hard to do the hard things when there is nobody supporting you - that's why I am so grateful to have God's word that literally shakes pom-poms, does cartwheels, and shouts into megaphones saying that we can do this!

We can do hard things! But are we willing to try? Real talk - trying is the hardest part. If we can move through the fear and doubt and get to the other side of that thing I believe we will be more apt to "doing" the hard thing. We each have that hard thing we've been unwilling to do, have been afraid to do, or have just completely suppressed it in hopes that the hard thing would mysteriously disappear. What I have come to know in my life is that they never go away - they come back in the form of memories, inspiration, dreams, and/or other people doing that same hard things. I believe the Lord keeps presenting the hard things to us as a reminder that this thing that is hard is waiting for you to conquer it.





In fact, we are waiting for you to conquer the hard things. When each of us conquer the hard things it gives the rest of us hope to conquer our hard things. When we overcome the hard things it gives us a sense of authority to show/teach/model how to overcome their hard things. Every single time we confront the hard things, grab God's hand, take that huge leap of faith and try to conquer it! We are literally waging a war against the defeated foe (the devil) every time we grab God's hand to do the hard things. The enemy wants us to try to defeat the hard things on our own, which makes sense because all of our hard things are usually bigger than we believe we are! That's why we need THE ONE who is BIGGER than the hard thing to cheer us on! We are sending a clear, bold, and honest message that 'yup, this thing is hard but I have Jesus to cheer me on, I have The Holy Spirit to show me how, and I have my Father in Heaven who is reminding me that the victory was already written and won into existence!' 

What's your hard thing today? 

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