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Ratchet Faith!

I define #RatchetFaith as a reckless kind of faith. It has no boundaries. It is nitty gritty, grungy, and abandons intellect just to exercise what it believes of God rooted in His written Word (The Holy Bible). It's the kind of faith that shows evidence that it (hope of the unseen) is all you have, you don't know if you'll have enough for tomorrow but you spend it all anyway on each moment and every opportunity found in this day.

Some time around July or August (2017) I started using the words ratchet + faith together. It helps me to explicitly describe the kind of faith walk that I personally and our family collectively are journeying through. Ratchet Faith does not make any sense to the "sensible" churchgoer but it does make sense to the disciple of Christ. Ratchet Faith is ugly, messy, and pungent! 

The woman with the issue of blood had Ratchet Faith! She didn't care about the politics of the "church", her community, her family, the customs, traditions or rules of that region or time period! Jesus had something she needed and she decided to get messy and lunge after Him regardless of the opinions or consequences!


Jesus had Ratchet Faith while living as a human on the earth! It didn't matter to Him what people thought about Him or His ministry. He had a job to do and nothing was going to disrupt, deter or destroy His mission! His finances on earth was not going to stop Him from having FAITH in Yahweh His Heavenly Father. His FAITH was not measured by His wardrobe, opinions of others, the part of town He was from, or how many disciples He had. His FAITH  was rooted and grounded in The Word of God. Nothing else mattered.

FAITH is not always neatly wrapped in a pretty box, bow, or pew. And anytime we try to wrap it up neatly we become easier to be distracted because our challenges and traumas are not wrapped up neatly. We must meet our ugly challenges, traumas, sin, and/or addictions with an ugly FAITH. A RATCHET FAITH!

Today, meet your fears with RATCHET FAITH!

Look your unpaid tuition square in the eyes with RATCHET FAITH!

Meet your estranged parents with RATCHET FAITH!

Meet your unemployment with RATCHET FAITH!

Face the death of your loved one with RATCHET FAITH!

Confront your fears with RATCHET FAITH!

Ground your #RatchetFaith in God's word. Search online for these key words: God's Promises in scripture, Scripture Promises, Faith in Christ and get RATCHET with your FAITH!

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