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something's gotta die!

I'm telling you - I really do have fun and I can laugh, I sing, I play around with my family, I love to crack jokes with my brother and sister. But right now, in this season God keeps holding up this mirror up and my face happens to be in the reflection. In this season, this entire year (2017) God keeps giving me rocks to break my own windows! I am being shown sins that I never thought I committed. God is showing me demons that have been holding me, my gifts, and destiny hostage for my entire life and in many ways holding my children and husband hostage - all because of the demons I've been petting. It has been a year and I am blessed by His fragrance in each experience where He shows, speaks, and guides me to be free. It is uncomfortable and painful but wow His presence every time He walks with me to discover another problem area has been life giving!

At the beginning of this year I heard these three words "WHOLE AND FREE". I did not anticipate seeing parts of me in coffins on a weekly basis. I did not expect to confront the sound of fear the way He has given me power to. I just thought 'ooooh WHOLE AND FREE! I like that - that's sexy and sounds like something that will attract folks to the blog, our website, or our social media pages.' WRONG - lol!


This wholeness and freedom has come with a price. It requires that something dies or be released from our grip. It is impossible for all of me to be whole and free and I continue to live my life in debt, bonded, and intimately connected to things, ideas, spirits, likes, shares, and concepts that will distract and disrupt the fluidity of freedom that comes from Jesus!

So, something has to die. If you know God is calling you like He is calling me to LIVE FREE, then my friend something has to die. Whatever is attached to you that has kept you from being free up to this moment is the very thing that has to be destroyed in your life. And sometimes that thing is a thought that persuades us to believe that there is only one way to be successful in our careers. Sometimes that thing is a spirit of lust that will lead us to be convinced that the grass is greener on the other side. You know what that thing is; but if you do not know then please take this moment right now to ask God to show you what that thing is and to give you the courage to mourn, grieve, plan the funeral and show up to the wake!

Something's gotta die and I pray that it will not be you; but that the attitudes, beliefs, behaviors, and sins that you've been committing would die immediately! Right now you have the power through Christ to LIVE FREE and let that thing/idea/spirits/concepts die. We can not live free and allow the legion of demons that are attempting and in some cases successfully attaching themselves to us to live too. The most troubling and interesting thing about that legion is that in so many cases they are a legion that we play with, sleep with, focus our attention on, and nurture. This legion is connected itself to our secret desires, lusts and ideas of what is best for our lives that are not connected to God's blueprint for your life.

Today I encourage and challenge you to go to God (right now) and ask Him to reveal to you all of the areas of your life where you are experiencing demonic influence, oppression and/or depression. Ask the Lord to give you language to identify these areas so that you can then find scriptures to counteract the attacks that these demons have launched in your life. Then, confess these attachments to the demons as sin, ask for forgiveness, believe that you are forgiven. And finally, ask God to fill you up with His spirit that is righteous, holy, indescribable, perfect, and just and is love so that you may walk, behave, speak, eat, interact and worship God with heart that is after Him.

Today is a good day to be free. Today is a good day to get on the other side of this bondage. Today is a wonderful day to experience John 8:36 for yourself. I pray that you do.


John 8:36

So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.


A prayer for you.

Lord God in Jesus name, I ask that you cleanse me first of all unrighteousness and then show the person reading this blog who they are with & without the demonic presence in their lives. Father God if it is necessary please lead this person to a mental health clinician, physician, and/or professional in their right to further peel back the layers of how this legion of demons has harassed, haunted, and attempted to fatally destroy them and everything around them. Lord God fill this person up with your spirit and give them the courage to surrender it all to you so that you would be glorified. In Jesus name. Amen.

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