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The Ministry Of Poverty ||2

Our experience with poverty has led me to seek God for everything. Beyond having food & housing insecurities – my soul has been insecure. My soul has been insecure not because of my bank account balance but due to sin and all the damage that sin produces like doubt, fear, and anxiety.

Now, I can say with confidence that I know who my Provider is. My Provider is no longer the organization I work for, myself, husband, my gifts/talents, our ministry, or our parents! God uses others to bless us with resources but YAHWEH IS MY PROVIDER! I could have never said that with confidence had we not been given the opportunity to experience poverty under His watchful eye. God's hands are on us. The poverty we are living through is not evidence that God has left us, dismissed us, or forsaken us; it is the exact opposite.



This season of poverty has changed our perspective concerning the welfare of other people like ourselves who are struggling. God has shown us how we can be the salt and

do something good in the lives of others while we are going through similar hardships. God ministered to me a few days ago saying "It's hard to serve Me and minister to others when you're focused on self!" So, I have decided to refocus my eyes and attention on my surrender to The Lord & serving others. Because I trust God to go above & beyond to take care of us. We won't wait until "we make it" in order to help others.

Today I pray you be encouraged & know that you are BLESSED regardless of where you are on the poverty line. Today, I pray that you surrender again, rededicated your life to God again, seek Him again. I pray that you be encouraged to keep going no matter what it looks like right now. I pray that you no longer walk in shame. Jesus wants you to live free from the clouds caused by the multiple layers of destruction from the enemy.


Hope is one of the 1st attributes of God to be attacked by the enemy when people are experiencing poverty.

It is the easiest to be abandoned.

Fight for your hope & the hope of others!



  1. I acknowledge that your financial hardship is painful, frustrating, and has probably created anxiety and worry. You are not exaggerating! It's real! I believe you!

  2. God sees you and will continue to provide what you need.

  3. This experience is part of your training. I’m not sure why God has allowed you specifically to live through poverty - but I believe without any doubts that it is part of your spiritual maturation process. Don't give up!

  4. You don't have to be ashamed. If you need support - ask for it. You don't have to cover it up or make it look pretty for others. You are enough! You are valuable! Your are priceless!

  5. Your destiny is bigger than your bank account. Your destiny is connected to the plan, intention and blueprint that God designed with your name on it. It is beyond human currency. Get in God's word and research His promises so that you can get focused on the real prize. This website has been life giving in this season.

Please hear this, let it get it down on the deepest parts of your soul. Do not be ashamed because you've had to ask for the same help more than once. It takes more than a one-time benevolent gift to release you from the choke of poverty. It may take 3 years of needing help with buying enough food. Some people will experience living in the projects for generations before we are released from the grips of poverty. Many of us will have to go back to our churches, friends, and family members often in order to purchase winter gear for our children. DO NOT BE ASHAMED! HOLD YOUR HEAD UP HIGH! YOU ARE STILL BLESSED!

Today I encourage you to open your heart, mind, and mouth again to God in thanksgiving for all He is doing - will do and will never stop doing. You are not forgotten! I also encourage you to be real with God about what living through poverty feels like. He can handle it!

If you need help with getting your needs met please reach out to us. We may not be able to provide the tangible resources but we can help to point you in the direction, pray with you and simply walk alongside you in this season.

We are victorious - because God is the VICTORY!

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