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Jesus paid it all!


I had to start there because only JESUS would give us the courage to take the leap and remove our children from public school and enroll them into Christian Education this year. It costs more than we can afford with one income that sits way too close to the poverty line! #RatchetFaith in God as our Provider is the only measurement that I can count as it pertains to why we would make such a ridiculous move! Ridiculous, because we consider ourselves to be responsible - not biting off more than we can chew, carefully asking God to lead us when it comes to major purchases and decisions.

But God gave us the guts to apply, then He sent a family at our church to give us the money for the application fees ($600).

Our children were accepted, then He sent a few friends and family members to help us pay for uniforms & school supplies ($300+).

First day of school comes but our vehicle was inoperable, then He sends rides and eventually the money ($300+) to get the van fixed.

We had no idea how we would pay for tuition monthly, then He sent a sister with a few months of tuition ($1000+) in her backpocket.


There were a few weeks when we would struggle to put nutritious food on the table or pay other bills, then our church family blew our mind with a SURPRISE love offering (more than $500) called forth by our pastor under the direction of The Holy Spirit.

Field trips at our new school can be costly for 3 children, but a sister from church told me to let her know how much field trips will be for the year and she will take care of it!

January came and we knew that our income would not take care of the kids tuition and without a plan to pay it our daughter's transcripts would not be released to accompany her application to the high school of her desire. On a monthly basis I am responsible with creating social media graphics for a ministry out of NYC that advocates for people who are incarcerated and their families. We normally use that money to go straight to household expenses but I felt a nudge to take another leap and make a payment of around $95.

On February 9, 2018 my husband sat down with the treasurer of the kids school and he unveiled the miracle that we had no room to receive!!!! The miracle the God had been brewing since we took the initial leap of #RatchetFaith. In addition to the scholarships, tuition assistance and donations that were attached to our account, an anonymous donor from out of state sent a letter to the school. The donor said that the HOLY SPIRIT impressed them to send a check for $1000 with our name on it! This left our account balance at $53.26. You see that right?!?!? Our tuition started out at $18,300 in August and is now at a $53.26.


Wait that's not the end. After praising God and sharing the news with only a few people, one of those people said "NOPE! Your account balance is $0!" As she was proclaiming that promise I see a notification on my cashapp in the amount of $53.26!!!


And the only way that we can pay Jesus back is through our love. And love is evidenced by our obedience to God's written and spoken word.

Celebrate with us all that God has done and He ain't done yet!


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