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Some of us can come up with a million ideas everyday. Some of us need more time and promptings to come up with ideas. Either way here is what I do when I have an idea:

1. Write it down (old school journal or I use my phone to take notes)

2. Surrender the idea(s) to God so that He can give me the approval, keys to the storage unit and/or the ax

I strangely trust God to tell me if an idea I have is a GOD-IDEA or if it is just a good idea. There's nothing wrong with good ideas. But i'm at a point in my life where I prefer and I encourage others to pursue GOD-IDEAS because I know those ideas will prosper. I prefer & encourage others to take leaps of #RatchetFaith on GOD-IDEAS rather than good ideas because I know that God is cheering us on, giving us ridiculous supernatural courage, resources to execute them and because we're on a mission to follow Christ.

In this season of all of our lives it is easy to pursue good ideas. There are countless memes, self-help books, motivational speakers, and pinterest boards encouraging us to follow our dreams & our heart. The problem with this is if you are striving to live like Christ it is important to bring our thoughts into alignment with His and not the other way around. Christ offered His ideas to God and He was victorious. See the following scriptures for a few references (Matthew 26:26, Matthew 14:18, Luke 22:42),

Every idea God has presently, had in the past and will have in the future is always better than our wildest fantasies. We are some of His greatest ideas. Our purpose in life is one of His most amazing ideas. So when we have a thought to move or do something intentional I beg you to do something different with it the next time. I pray that you write it down & give it to God to either fertilize, store it for later use or trash it.

God's storage unit is humongous! At the moment when God says "not right now" or "be patient" trust that He is securing that idea for you to use at a later time. He could be doing this because you may not be in a geographical region where that idea can flourish and glorify Him in a specific way, you're not ready or the people ain't ready for that idea yet.

When He trashes our ideas it is important to accept that He is not trashing us! It's just that those particular ideas don't line up with His perfect will and plan for your life. Another reason is because that idea(s) does not complement or compliment the specific and intentional tract that He has you on. We are extremely valuable to God so He has no pleasure in ridding us! But anytime we offer the ideas we write down to The Lord it says three things:

I'm bold & courageous enough to trust The Lord even when it's uncomfortable!

God's plans are better than mine!

I want to win!

I hope you consider this the next time you have an idea!

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