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Grow Up!

The only way I can share this is to be upfront and raw about it! A lot of us are struggling with stuff and I am convinced that most of our issues are connected to a stagnant spiritual life. It's time to grow up! There is no way if we are following Christ that we should be struggling with the same things year after year after year. I'm not suggesting that mature Christians don't have problems - i'm saying that our struggles should be evolving. If we were struggling with lying at 8 years old and we are continuously studying and being edified in God's Word (Holy Bible) then at 38 years old lying really should not be our biggest issue.


Transparency Moment

At 40 years old I stand, sit, sleep, am overweight (still). I've dieted, joined gyms, and have been part of communities of people who are all struggling with weight-loss too. But five years ago God gave me the courage to do something different about the way my body looks, I with God's grace lost about 75lbs. However, I never reached the BIG GOAL, I still have more weight to lose. Last week I sensed the need to GROW UP in this area! I woke up last Monday morning attempting to blame God for some food choices I made. And God quickly reminded me that He was not to blame. I need to grow up! So I did. Last week I made better food choices, yesterday we had a luncheon at church and I made good food choices there too. This is not easy. I prefer fried everything with a side of vegan cheese or vegan ice cream to wash it all down. But the character flaws connected to my being overweight have no place in my life, in the ministry God has given me to steward, and in the Kingdom of God.

It's time to grow up in Christ. I/We can't keep nursing from our mother's nipple.


There ought to be something changed, different, and more peculiar about us as we keep following Christ. Growing pains are real, so please know that i'm not minimizing how uncomfortable and painful maturing is. Maturing in Christ takes as long as it takes. It means putting down a behavior, thought process or attitude and picking up a better way. Although receiving better should be exciting that is not always the case, because being gifted with better means we have to release what is poor. Poor in this aspect are those thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that disconnect or distract us from growing in God.

It's time to grow up and I am learning that growing is easier when we do it together. We may not all be growing at the same rate or be growing in the exact same areas; but if we are walking with people in community like we should it makes the transitions connected to growing better.

Let's grow together | 6 ways to grow in community

Watch & learn from people in your community that are consistently maturing in Christ

Be part of a physical Christian community - Facebook groups aren't enough

Participate in a bible study at a bible based community

Get involved in a ministry that you believe God is calling you to participate

Be honest with God about how it feels to grow

Read and do God's Word

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