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I am just over here preparing for transition. I don't know about y'all but the shifting and transitioning is happening. The closed doors and the open ones are getting greased down with WD40. I can hear the keys rattling in God's hands, as He confirms the right key for the open door and the right key for the closed door. 

There is no certain thing that I know except where we currently are. I have no idea the exact changes that will occur - I just sense it. We have some prayers and some hopes we are covering with ratchet faith. We are moving, but don't have what it takes currently to do so. We are sending our children to private Seventh-day Adventist Church Schools but really don't have the income to match the tuition. Ché is a senior at Washington Adventist University and the financial aid he has never covers the full bill but he's cleared to start classes and purchased a rack of books | HALLELUJAH |. Ché and I are both looking for MDIV programs and I am hoping for grad programs that equip me to support the emotional, spiritual and physical freedom of people in crisis.

Transitions can be scary. And to be honest I was afraid. Afraid of what happens to people who don't have enough. Afraid to step on to water even though I know how to swim. Because in this season God is not calling us to swim - He's calling us to walk on top of the troubled waters. 

I need you to know that we all get our turn to walk on troubled waters. None of us are exempt. Your troubled water may not look like mine but the same fear or anxiety smothered in faith is needed in order to take the first step!

A weeks days ago Ché and I confronted our fears. We squared up, confessed them to each other and prayed a dangerously wild prayer and moved on about our business. That same day I found enough courage down inside of me to load up 4 trash bags of stuff we ain't taking with us. That same day I packed up linen, our juicer and our cookbooks. We're moving. This time reminds me of when we moved to Maryland 3 years ago. We packed up a truck 4days before departure but still had not found a place to live once we got here. We packed that truck with ratchet faith! 

We don't know where we are going or the details to the other transitions we are anticipating but we know GOD! GOD never fails! We get it wrong but God never does! We lose sight but God never does! We get scared but God stays fearless! 

Will you trust God as this season changes? I pray you do. Your mind, body and soul will thank you later! 

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