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a group of people in the same space is just a group. but community is coming together and doing the most to ensure that all (unity) are covered.

the covering is diverse - everyone doesn't need the same kind of covering. some of us need shelter, others need companionship.

today i'm grateful for community. community sees something and does something about it. community goes beyond to ensure folks are safe. community is a direct message (DM) asking "how can i help?" community is not letting go of hands until he/she feels confident to go on their own. community is praying until something happens.




too many of us are part of groups - but lack community. God did not intend for us to just be in the group - i believe He intended, continues to hope and even presents countless opportunities so that we can develop and sustain community with each other. God loves community, it gives God pleasure to see us caring for each other, listening to each other, finding ways to support each other, or rallying others to care for community.

hallelujah for community.

i'm not sure what we would do without community. community has helped us pay our rent. on thursday night community stopped what she was doing to hug me while i was in tears. community went above and beyond and put money in my husband's hand to help with whatever. community called and prayed with us. community started a gofundme to secure a reliable car for us. i don't know what we would do without community.

if you don't have community where you are then i encourage you to:

- go beyond what you prefer and be part of community

- ask God to help you (take away fears, anxieties and stigmas about community)

- be open to actively participate in community

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