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the weekend

NOVEMBER 16 - 18

who is not grateful for the weekend? not me. i love the weekend. my favorite part of the weekend is The Sabbath. but the weekend represents some down time for myself and family. i normally work a midnight shift weekly from saturday night into sunday morning but the blessing is that some sundays i have not much else to do but laundry or some meal prepping.

i am grateful for weekends and though i do not favor one part of the week over the other i am blessed that God would favor us to give us some time to rejuvenate.

the other thing we are really grateful for is this [click on this link and celebrate God with us]. our pastor created this fundraiser and its goal has been reached! this is such an incredible victory from God because without it we would not be able to purchase another vehicle! pastor mitchell had a desire that the goal be reached by 11/16/18 and around 11pm that evening an anonymous person responded to the request with a donation in the amount of $4478! we saw the donation on sabbath morning and started crying and celebrating and praising the Lord for all He had done through pastor mitchell and all the other donors.

i am blessed that my husband and i are officially car shopping this week!


S O T H A N K F U L !

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