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date night

it's been awhile since my husband and i had an intentional date night. he's a full time student, we have one income and let's face it by the end of most days and weeks we are exhausted. but tonight is different. it's sabbath and after the kids are done with rehearsals at church - husband and i are meeting up with a couple to make a sweet roll delivery. we admire and are encouraged by this couple. this couple reminds me to savor all the time we have with each other. savor it like honey on fried chicken, gravy over biscuits, the last piece of wahoo, or the last mango in the fruit bowl. each of our marriages needs maintenance here's their info so you too can be encouraged.


this is not your traditional date night.

but we plan to soak up every mile of this ride together.


the dopest part about this date night is it's sabbath - our weekly holy date night with God. the sabbath was set aside just for us to take a break from our daily routines and work just to spend some sweet time with our Creator. so often many of us find sabbath to be an unwelcome disruption to our busyness. but maybe that's just the point God decided to make with us. interrupt our work. disrupt the stuff that we find pleasurable that don't bring God any glory. all so that we can center our mind, body, and soul on God's creation, power, glory, and anointing in ways that we may not notice sunday - friday afternoon.

let's meet up with God tonight and tomorrow - it's date night.

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