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We were friends right up to the moment we talked about what would happen if we kissed each other. I liked him for a couple of months before we made it official. He wasn't ready to be romantic. We were best friends. We spent so much time together it was ridiculous.

Ministries started to collaborate and eventually co-mingle. He made me laugh and I made him laugh. It seemed like all of our time was spent together. But dude wasn't ready. He was healing from a relationship that he was sure was the one and I was ready.

Ready to love a man who loved Christ first.

I'd never experienced romantic love with a brother who desired to be the bride of Christ!

Today, i'm considering how I can be more of a girlfriend today. There is something about the energy and activity of a girlfriend. I noticed today that my life as a wife is so different. I have more responsibilities today than I did as a girlfriend. I didn't have to cook for 6 people. I wasn't responsible for ironing and cleaning the way I am now. My life as a girlfriend did not require me to be on-call 24 hrs a day. I went home. I may have even turned my phone off from time to time. I didn't work in the same home where my boyfriend lived.

It's different now. But there are elements of girlfriend-hood that I need to bring back. Below I will attempt to consider 5 things a wife can do to be her husband's girlfriend.


Be His Girlfriend

1. Put lip gloss on

2. Look for him - like be intentional about looking into his eyes

3. Touch him for no reason

4. Kiss him more - like everyday our lips should connect

5. Ask him how he is doing


I'm going to try harder to be my husband's girlfriend - not for him, but for me. Dating is exciting and the excitement should not be lost because we have so much to do that we didn't have to do before.

Photo taken before we started dating. This is what our friendship looked like in 2008!

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