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God is challenging us to be more intentional in how we connect. You could say this is an experiment on how to connect, develop and sustain healthy friendships with God as the glue. Relationships experience ebbs and flows; but one thing for sure is at some point or another we all long to be part of healthy relationships. The difference between this experiment and others is #52Sabbaths ain't a project - it's a life. A life of consistently and intentionally connecting and doing life together.

This continues to be God's intention for all of us. We don't believe we were meant to do life on our own. We were destined to do this (life) together. We need each other to be better. We need each other to grow. We need each other to meet needs. We need each other.

Will there be challenges as we seek to be more thoughtful about how we connect with our friends, family and neighbors? Of course. But we want to see how much we can be transformed just by trying.

Why Sabbaths

The Sabbath (Friday sunset - Saturday sunset) is this built in space and time that God created for us to rest from all of our stuff so we can focus on God and how God's presence is revealed in nature and each other. We make an effort not to work or go to school on The Sabbath. This effort makes getting together with friends, family and neighbors easier. For more about the Sabbath check out this website.

What's The Plan

We want to set aside time for our families on the Sabbath to hang out, eat good food, chill, and literally see how God can use these intentional hangouts to strengthen bonds,

encourage, heal and support each other here on earth as it will be in heaven.

If you're interested in connecting on Sabbaths next year let's lock in a date via email

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