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3rd Sabbath | together

What if we lived like this, meeting together daily and having everything we need because we give it to each other? This would be amazingly beautiful. I believe some if not all of the major issues we have individually and communally would be eliminated if we lived like 

Acts 2:44-47. 

Loneliness - eliminated.

Selfishness - eliminated.

Poverty - eliminated.

If we shared our resources and our time with each other the glory of God would be so bright we would need shades lol. Seriously though, some of us have seen His glory through different experiences but this would be like glory on 1000. 

The reality is we typically are willing to band together like this when there is a tragedy. And the banding together is for a limited time. We expect that if a person or family or group needs this kind of community that soon enough they will be "back on their feet". But Acts 2:44-47 had nothing to do with people coming together because they were destitute. They came together radically because they believed doing so would be beneficial to their lives (spiritually, physically, emotionally...) as disciples. And as their lives transformed others would be transformed together. They saw the beauty and benefit of being together daily when Jesus walked with them, and wanted to replicate that lifestyle with others. 

Let's get together.

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