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1st Sabbath

Is it possible to do what Hebrews 10:24-25 says at home and in these streets? The short answer is "Yup!"

The long answer is we are a ministry family and are intentional about trying to connect with others. We attempt to be intentional about trying to stir up the good and love in others. But today Ché and I contemplate how we can ensure that we are doing the Word in our home with each other, with our children, and our extended family.

"Provoking love and good works" is in our action and also our reactions. I have to do better at reacting to my family. I have to do better at acting/living in ways that provoke love and good works with the ones I live with.


Let's act & react like it!

52 Sabbaths is our response to God's leading to make real connections with you. This isn't about lunch after worship, though you know lunch will be yummy. This is about making time to connect our lives. We have dates open in March - let's do life together. #52Sabbaths

Jan 5th Plans | Today (our 10th dating anniversary/first kiss), we are looking forward to spending quality time with other couples at our church marriage ministry potluck and seminar about lying to ourselves and church. After the marriage seminar we will hang out with our friends S + L! We love these guys so much! Although it will be after The Sabbath we will be able to experience the Sabbath after party lol as we have tickets to see KevOnStage tonight so exciting!

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