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God help me be the one who believes! 

The one who believes regardless of what my past reports back to me. The one who believes despite what I see currently. The one who believes because that's just what I was made to do!

Ratchet Faith requires belief. The belief that what is actively happening in my world, environment, home, life, work place does not have to be the end of the story. There is an after this for each of us! After the divorce, after the government shutdown, after the surgery, or after the eviction. We don't have to find the after - it just is. We dont have to beg for it, it's already prepared for us. The one thing we can do is pray that God mold us to be THE ONE WHO BELIEVES the abundant life is for us too, just like in Mark 9:23. 

The one who believe is part of our DNA, remember we were made in the image of God. The example God revealed to us in Genesis 1 is all about God doing things based on what God not only believed but what God knows!


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