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January 14 | Matthew 17:19-20

I love what I see in these two verses. 

The first, the disciples come to Jesus with a problem, and they come to Him humbly but boldly. They demand an answer as to why they could not get rid of the demons that the boy was tormented by. They recognized that they could not do what was expected of them. The text indicates that they didn't run and hide in shame or try to defend themselves. They wanted to know why they couldn't do it. They wanted to be discipled.

The second, Jesus clearly reveals to them the issue. They didn't have the faith to cast out the demons. Lots of times we talk about staying ready but we miss the opportunity to get ready. 

You can not stay ready if you did nothing to prepare for the readiness. 

Friends, today is the perfect opportunity to prepare! There is coming a day when we will be asked to move a mountain - we need to be able to do just that in Jesus name. 

Preparation is simple.

1. Read your bible. 

2. Ask God to prepare you to move mountains.

3. Believe God is equipping you for such work. 

4. Do the hard work - Pray, fast, and do good work. 

5. Stay humble.

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