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January 17 | 1 Corinthians 13:13

Today is day 17 of 21 looking at how we can turn our faith into RATCHET FAITH! 

This is exciting for me, because there are some pretty significant doors that won't open unless God does it for me this year. These doors require me to have ratchet faith. The kind of faith God will marvel over. 

I know one thing, when you are experiencing the sharp hot point of a fiery dart it is easy to lose most if not all of the faith you had. Because real talk when you are reacting to a challenging circumstance the first things our  brain wants to do is fight, run or freeze. So instead of shutting down, doubting, and/or cussing somebody out I encourage you tell God "this is what I heard or know you to say about this situation and these fiery darts are coming at me - help me Lord!" And God will help. 

Ratchet Faith Day 17 of 21. 

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