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Activated (week 1)

This week starts our 12 week bible study plan concerning RATCHET FAITH and today concludes our 21 days of reviewing scriptures that encourage our faith.  

Ratchet Faith is the kind of faith God marvels over.  I find that there are moments in biblical history where Jesus was taken aback by someone's faith.  It appears that when He marveled it was in response to a different level of faith.  As if it to suggest that there is faith and there is FAITH. Faith that is gritty, unapologetic, radical, unique, ratchet, and unorthodox.

Luke 7 reveals four testimonies of faith. Each time I would like to name and notice that there was movement attached to that faith.  Radical shifting and transitioning is needed in order to live differently.  

Our ratchet faith ought to activate us for Christ-like living.  Our ratchet faith ought to motivate us to seek Christ for healing for others.  Our ratchet faith should be transforming us to forgive. 

Ratchet Faith is not stagnant!

In commemoration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr let us be reminded that "Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase." See there it is again,  movement - take the first step toward God's power,  healing, love, and salvation.  

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