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But will you beg desperately to God for _____________ (healing,  restoration,  freedom,  or all of the above plus more)?

We don't have to beg because God hears every prayer. And I believe God answers every last one.  The issue is when desperation is in our hearts and we try to hide it.  Trying to hide despair with our cute outfits and beat face.  Trying to mask despair in front of God. One hand raised when we wish we had the guts to lay prostrate right there in the pew with snot escaping our nostrils.

When you are at the altar (at home,  your car,  church etc) and you are praying and maybe there is that feeling inside you to get on your knees and beg God to shift it.  Please do just that. 

Resist the urge to stay dignified whether in public or private.  Others around you don't know where that level of prayer comes from and they don't need to know. You becoming unglued might be the onlookers freedom papers to be undignified too. 

God knows our hearts so why not be transparent and beg.  Let God be our dignity as we become undone,  undignified and ratchet before His eyes! His throne can handle us. 

Ratchet Faith can be undignified, misunderstood, and desperate. Today let's take the risk and be just that before the One who has the everything we need for this life and the life after.  

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