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There isn't a ritual or tradition I could maintain that will work to dignify me except surrender.  Living my life in compete surrender to Christ gives me dignity.  


dig·ni·ty /ˈdiɡnədē/noun the state or quality of being worthy of honor or respect. 


Depending on whom I have given authority to, I am essentially saying they are the one(s) who declare me honorable,  valuable or respectful.  Based on their declaration I will demonstrate my life based on that assessment.  So i can no longer place that authority in the hands of man or woman or child. Seeking value, honor and worth from humanity is dangerous in 3 ways: 

1. It stunts our praise and worship to God

2. It makes idols out of people or things

3. We become illegitimately connected to people or things

Part of the reason Jesus came to the earth was to realign our dignity,  respect and value.  His life and death reconciled us back to God. Because of His sacrifice we can experience our value as-is.  No ritual or custom or tradition will make us whole.  That work has been done already.

The woman begging for Jesus to free her daughter did not care about the value people placed on her or what they might think about her. Jesus had something she needed.  She let Jesus be her dignity.  The man who was deaf let Jesus be his dignity!

What are some customs or traditions we practice that appear to provide dignity? Things that make you go hmmmm. 

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