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don't just talk about it - be about it!

We have alot to learn from Abraham in Genesis 22. The thing is we talk a good game,  but when God lays out an exam are we willing to take it?

God tested Abraham. I don't believe God intended, planned or orchestrated the death of Isaac.  The plan was to see if and how Abraham would "be about it". This chapter has me imagining and wondering.  

I wonder if God knew Abraham was going to pass.  

I wonder how God knew Abraham was ready for this kind of exam.  

I wonder if we are paying attention to all the ways God is preparing us for the exam to come!


There are enough people talking about following God, telling us what it looks like to follow and how to hear God's voice. But who is actually doing it? Let's stop being entertained  by other people's ratchet faith walk! Show up and be about it! It's your turn!


Today, I pray that we decide God over our feelings. I pray we decide to obey God's word (written and spoken) no matter how much it costs.  I pray we listen when God is speaking when He is speaking. In Jesus name. Amen. 

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