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She used to be a ho!

We often mention Rahab and Joshua when talking, teaching or preaching about the walls of Jericho coming down.  But I am being impressed to highlight the family of Rahab!

I'm not sure if in those days ho's/harlots/prostitutes were honored and respected. But I do know in 2019 they are not. So could you imagine your cousin,  sister,  daughter who sleeps around for money or other resources telling you to come hideaway in her home? Hiding in her home because the city you live in will be destroyed but her home and everyone in it will be saved.  

She was like Noah in one distinct way.  I can see her people looking at her in disbelief.  I wonder if all her people were saved. Were the people that were found with her the few that believed? 

Respectability politics is real and we have to do better family.  Regardless of my job or status or how I live my life does not mean i am to be believed or not.  Consult the Lord first on how we engage with others.  The past or present might confuse us.  And because God knows the future sit still with Him to know if leaving all your possessions and life as you know it to be saved in the crackhouse or whorehouse is necessary. 

Rahab had ratchet faith, but I am most intrigued by the ratchet faith of her family members! 

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