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Don't use equipment, anointing, strategies to fight a battle in ratchet faith that God didn't give you! Take inventory of the tools/weapons that you have won faith battles with before. Use those. 

Sometimes, in the heat of battle, when faced with a challenge or crisis we can forget about the tools in our toolbox. The tools God gave us.  The tools at our disposal that we have mastered or have experienced victories with. Tools like exercising our ratchet faith,  praying without ceasing, fasting, being still, bible study, surrender, tithing, giving,  and/or praising God.  

David (1 Samuel 17) gives us a glimpse of the dangers of attempting to fight a battle with great equipment that we have not trained with.  When Saul gave David the go-ahead to fight Goliath he also gave him armor.  But (insert my imagination) David was awkward, uncomfortable and frankly held back because of the armor.  David never defeated lions or bears in the wilderness with armor.  David never saved one of the precious sheep on his father's property with a sword. Just some ratchet faith and the power of God in his bear hands. 

Today, I emplore you to ask God about the tools in your toolbox that He gave you.  Know what they are. Master them, which means you have to train with them daily. Because walking in someone else's anointing (modeling your ministry,  life or next move after someone you look up to) is not authentic and might (probably) cause you to be defeated.

We're up against a 9ft 9in giant and the slingshot, courage and 5 smooth stones is enough to take that giant down!  RATCHET FAITH IS USING THE WEAPONS YOU HAVE TRAINED WITH!

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