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I am convinced that God does not get tired of our voices the way we get tired of hearing a nagging person. I believe God enjoys the sound and cadence and texture of our voices when we pray.  

The pauses (long and short), the repetition in our begging, and the harmony of our cries because we have had enough.  I am certain that there is smile, a gold star and a cheerleader assigned to our name everytime we begin to pray. 

Last Saturday we participated and 

co-ministered another prayer watch. And today I want to pray.  I want to pray in community.  I want to lay prostrate and pray.  I want to pray in the car.  I want to pray in the house. I want to pray and walk.  i want to pray. 

And the truth is my thoughts (like yours I suspect) sometimes consume me. But today let's spend more time in prayer than we do thinking. Thinking about how to pray,  where to pray or what to pray for.  

Today let's pray first and think last!

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