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knee pain

Yesterday,  I was working an outreach event for work.  The event was located in a posh hotel downtown DC. During my time I left to grab a bite to eat and to my surprise when I returned the escalator going back up to the event was down. 

There weren't as many steps on this escalator as Dupont Circle and I have had to walk up that mountain once or twice before. So I took to the small feat and although I conquered those stairs I noticed that my knees didn't feel as strong as they did when I was16!

My knees didn't hurt but there was a level of discomfort I experienced. It made me think about ministry and maturing.  God takes us through a lifetime of levels to extract and reveal our purpose on the earth. All for His glory. All for drawing people to His love. All to encourage and inspire and heal others.    

Are you willing to have some knee pain, labored breath and the undeniable feeling that comes with the thoughts of giving up? I was not willing until this moment (writing). Maybe you too wanted your purpose to be revealed easy.  Maybe you too wanted to climb the ladder without too much sweat, blood and tears. 

I don't know how much discomfort,  pain or labor we will endure as we keep climbing. But let's embrace it knowing God is leading us, has gone before us and is pushing us to accomplish what He intended in and for us.  

Here is a short line from today's short poem.  Be well.  Be encouraged.  Remember you are strong enough and brave enough to mature personally and in ministry!

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