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NOVEMBER 27 | Grateful for quietness.

Received a notice yesterday that I would normally respond with ridiculous amounts of anxiety. Instead I sent the persons an email who wrote the note and am waiting for a response. This note impacts our family and would create a disruption but it won't be the end of all things.

It's interesting how God's word can hold you down or keep you encouraged when you are confronting life's challenges. Thank you God. Lamentations 3:22-26 was my encouragement again yesterday and today. Although so much is happening that could discourage us These four verses just keep being replayed in mind. Especially the last "It is good to wait quietly for the salvation of the Lord."

In other words, His salvation, rescuing and recovery mission is underway, so sit still. Sit still is to say have no fear and trust God while you wait. Waiting quietly is about our posture not necessarily what comes out of our mouth. Although if our posture is correct then our words will reflect that. Our posture has to be upright and leaning toward God and His word otherwise the lies of the lawless one (devil) will trip us up!

Today, will be interesting as we continue to make sense of what's next. But what is more interesting, exhilarating and undeniable is that The Lord's salvation is rescuing us from this moment and this life of challenges.

The next time you receive bad news I encourage you to respond quietly.

1. Try to stay calm.

2. Don't fear.

3. Fight discouragement with faith (listen or read God's promises in the bible).

4. Tell God about the issues and stay encouraged.


Photo taken in Detroit, Michigan

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