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Family we are experiencing unprecedented times right now, things, plans, and events are being changed, postponed and even cancelled. This life is feeling out of control! But there are some things we can control!


  • our temper

  • our appetite

  • what we listen to

  • what we watch

  • how long we scroll

  • where we shop (support small businesses right now!)

  • if we will connect with God during this season

Sure we may not be the ones making decisions about how long we will have to practice social distancing, but we can lean in, we can be still, we can look for GOD right now.

We pray that you and your loved ones continue to experience health and wellness during the COVID-19 Pandemic. We pray that you experience God's peace in this strange season.

We believe that EVERYTHING that you need in this season will be provided!

Be well. Stay hopeful. Wash Yo' Hands!


Here is a video on proper hand washing & other helpful links in this strange season:

Here is a video on getting centered down that I shared with my students where I serve as Chaplain. Hope it blesses you.

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