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We started the new year with a GREEN SMOOTHIE! We embarked on a cleansing that we were introduced to via JJ Smith and The Green Smoothie Cleanse. Today is day #7 and we are doing pretty well!

Recently we started doing more of the Moderate Cleanse that prescribes 2 green smoothies a day (breakfast and lunch), healthy snacks outlined in the book and a small clean meal. We are grateful to have begun adding the small clean meal. This modification is a bit more realistic and similar to the ways we will maintain this clean eating regimen.

Last night Leah prepared a piece of broiled wild caught salmon topped with homemade mango salsa and flash sauteed kale. Ché finished his kale and said "Is there anymore kale?!" HE LOVED IT! We are working hard at getting our temples cleaned up. We've abused and misused them for far too long.

Are you still keeping up with the new challenges you've set for yourself? Why or why not?

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