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We are tired of Blackness being considered a weapon of mass destruction. Our bodies are valuable. Our minds valuable. Our ideas and genius, valuable! We just want to hold space for all of us/you who are also tired. We are weary and burdened. You may be experiencing headaches, digestive issues, rage, confusion, wanting to justify Terence Crutcher's murder because you just can't seem to believe that this could happen again! Many of us are coping with emotional eating, increasing substance use/abuse, all in the name of mending the wound.

We are tired. I imagine you are too.

We are looking for rest the only way we know how.

There is no veil large enough to conceal us; nor would we want to hide. Just saying.

If you are tired too, let us know what you are doing to survive and possibly stimulate thriving.

We would also like to share our list of healthy coping strategies too:

  1. Listen to the birds chirp in the wee hours of the morning

  2. Stretch

  3. Pray

  4. Sing one of your favorite songs out loud

  5. Dance naked

  6. Play in the rain

  7. Sleep-In

  8. Take a Mental-Health Day (sick day, PTO etc...)

  9. Pray

  10. Gather with other people who are hurting

  11. Volunteer

  12. Go to the library

  13. Unplug from social media for a short or long period of time

  14. Don't watch the videos of Black people being killed by law enforcement

  15. Join a protest

  16. Throw a party

  17. Call someone

  18. Take your lunch break

  19. Get to work on time & leave on time

  20. Go for a walk in nature

  21. Take your meds!

  22. Make love with your spouse

  23. Tell someone you love them

  24. Make an appointment with your therapist

  25. Exercise

  26. Eat clean

  27. Drink water

  28. Run

  29. Write

  30. Read poetry

  31. Go to an open mic

  32. Host a tea party


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