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She's Radical! Part 1 of 3

I decided NOT to create a vision board for 2017. Deliberately. I didn't miss the deadline or the ball dropping into the lap of 2017. I looked at my 2016 vision board and decided - just like that to not do life the same way anymore.

I did not meet a lot of my goals for 2016. It wasn't my vision that failed it was my lack of transforming the vision into practical steps a.k.a. plans. I had lots of dreams but without a plan that is what they remained dreams. Nothing wrong with dreams. As an OVERCOMER I have lived too many days on the earth not dreaming for fear someone might abuse them!

This year I decided to create a strategic plan. I prayed. I sat still. I listened. I wrote. I scheduled events, meetings, and work into my calendar. One of which was INTENTIONAL & RADICAL SELF-CARE! I work as a Victim Advocate and have been since 2002. My gift to myself for 2017 was to be more intentional about how I care for my body, mind, and soul. I am the total package and I have no room for leaving parts of me outside hoping that someone else will soothe me or rub salve on my wounds!

I am sharing my self-care plan with you as an example of how necessary it is to do our work before and in tandem as we walk alongside others in service to God! Our bodies, minds, and souls are extremely important to God and it is about time we be radical in our approach to heal, be free, and walk whole!

As an OVERCOMER of the impact of sexual violence I choose to # b e t h e l i f e that God designed for me in heaven! I demand of myself that I win! I am moving the mountains that have stood on top of me, around me, and in me!

I choose Radical Self-Care!

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