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SHE IS ENOUGH: Radical Self-Care (part 3 of 3)

This is a wo-manifesto for every woman & girl. For the women & girls that took inventory of where she stands and decided to intentionally care for herself anyway! For every woman & girl that don't know how to take inventory of herself! For every woman that has experienced abuse, misuse, and terror in her bedroom, on her block, as she walked to school, or through a crowded room and is now considering her life as a treasure. This is for every woman that found her tears in handkerchiefs and made a choice to try to live again!


This woman is down for being better than she was before and that requires intention, sacrifice, hope and love. Recognizing that every move I make, every thought I have, every investment I make impacts the community I live & participate in! My self-care contributes to a healthier me, my family, and my community!

Yesterday (1/19/17) I experienced a deep sadness connected to the state of women and girls! I had to concile (there is no reconciliation because we've never been safe) the reality that women & girls are not safe. We are generally not safe in our homes, in our classrooms, in our beds, at church, online, and in some of our relationships. It brought me great sadness to face this truth and it also confirmed my need to use my voice, body, mind, and soul to contribute to safer spaces for girls and women. Part of my contribution is to look at the woman in my mirror and decide that she is enough!

She is enough when she wins & loses!

She is enough when she tries & fails!

She is enough when she remembers to cook dinner before the family gets home & when she decides to call an audible and places bowls of cereal at the table for nourishment that evening!

She is enough feminist or not! She is enough regardless of moral obligation! She is enough!

She is enough even if she has been mistreated! She is enough if she has used her body to pay her rent!

She is enough when she decided to show up at a march or stay home and pray for the organizers! She is enough when she is choosing her words carefully & when she just goes off! She is enough on Sabbath & Wednesday morning! She is enough regardless of size! She is enough with or without a green card! She is enough in her own skin! She is enough before and/or after cosmetic surgery! She is enough when she is clinically depressed! She is enough after she comes down the pole! She is enough regardless of her choices!

S H E I S E N O U G H !

This is RADICAL SELF-CARE! The sober decision that she is enough!


That moment when she/we decide that we don't need to buy the extra stuff to make ourselves look special - cuz we already are special! That moment when we make a decision with a sober mind to eat fish & chips over a warm kale salad! It is in these moments when we choose not to lie to ourselves or try to convince ourselves that we will be better if we indulge in practices that do not contribute to the health of our minds, bodies, and souls - is RADICAL SELF-CARE! Being honest about why we do the things we do is RADICAL SELF-CARE!

I just want us to be vulnerable, transparent, and forthcoming with ourselves. We may not tell another soul. We may not share a coded tweet that explains our position. But the moment we are naked in our truth with ourselves is freedom and it is radical!

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