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Eat this.

To be honest, if I could eat burgers, fries, milkshakes, chicken wings, sodas, brownies, and cookies with a side of a salad, cabbage, or string beans daily I probably would! I mean it is kind of like how I have been eating regularly for the last 39 years! 

But I should not. The scale counts the record that describes the results of eating SAD (STANDARD AMERICAN DIET). As I watch for the 2nd time "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead" I am reminded that if I don't fight back with a clean meal plan and more exercise that I'll be dead! 

I want to be listen & follow God's instruction for my health even if it uncomfortable! I mean I am already physically uncomfortable carrying all this weight. And what makes me spiritually uncomfortable now is that I talk a good game about how praiseworthy God is and claim to be disciple of Christ and yet I am out of control. Lacking stewardship over the only body God gifted me with is uncomfortable. 

I am getting back to eating like a human instead of loading my body up with junk like it's a dumpster!

Just sharing.

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