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I've been busy these past several weeks - but I want to share that sometimes we are kept quiet for a season. At the beginning of 2017, God revealed to me that this would be a quiet year. No speaking engagements or significant movement outside of the ministry responsibilities He would lead me to at church. 2017 has been a quiet year. I had so many goals for Salt, Life, and Love overall; the blog especially after our family transitioned to a private Christian school for the kids. Who knows maybe The Lord will lead me to still write about these extraordinary experiences later on, but for now not so much.

Today, I want to encourage you to be OK with silence. Awkward silences. Silence instead of babbling. Silence while you sit alone in your home or apartment. Silence during your morning commute. Seasons of silence are purposeful, there are critical times when our voice is required! Witnessing injustice is not a time to be silent, but intentional pauses to hear God is always the right season. A season of silence during your prayer life. Silence is powerful. Silence is restorative. Silence is life giving. Silence is powerful. We spend so much time talking to others & listening to others; we also spend lots of time talking to God but not doing nearly as much listening.

As you pray today try asking The Lord to fill your silence with His presence, voice, and His instruction. Friend, silence with God is one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. If it is awkward at first then time yourself but I believe that there will be a time when you come to enjoy the silence and His indwelling in that silence if you continue to practice it.

May you be courageous in your pursuit of quiet time with God today.

God bless, empower, keep you still, and restore you! Amen.


Scripture for today

EXODUS 14:14

"The Lord will fight for you,

and you have only to be silent.”

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