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Give thanks anyway

Yesterday we got some bad news about one of our kids tuition and the consequences of not having enough money to pay the balance. But sometime after that I felt this need to do something ridiculously ratchet. Give thanks.


I know lots of bloggers take November to carve out time to share gratitude. So many of us (bloggers) do this that it seems worthless and redundant and pointless. I'm not trying to reinvent or get you all hyped up - i'm doing this because this is deeply personal. This gratitude space allows me to exercise my ratchet faith when I could be worrying. From where I sit - i like you see the bills and discomforts and discouraging emails. But there is something radically ratchet about counting blessings and being grateful for what we have right now! Even if what you have is not enough.


In 7 days Pastor Kelvin Mitchell has raised over $1000 on our behalf! He is raising money for us to purchase another vehicle. The van we have is hanging on, some days it feels like it's hanging on a very thin thread. But today i'm grateful that God gave him the courage to start this gofundme and that so many of you have shared the link with others.

The campaign remains open and our pastor is believing for at least $7,000 for us. Please help us reach this goal with a simple share. If you donate we appreciate you. But all we need from you is a simple share. Here's the link:


Today, i'm grateful and i'm hoping that all the needs we have will be supplied. What are you grateful for?

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