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it's not over yet!

The gofundme that Pastor Mitchell created reached its goal of $7,000 so we can purchase another vehicle. This amount of money surprised us at the last minute. Not because God wasn't capable of impressing people to give but because I started to be nervous that the goal would take a lot longer to be reached. Pastor Mitchell wanted this goal reached by Friday, Nov. 16th and around 11pm on 11/16 someone anonymously donated the balance of $4,478 to bring the total amount donated to $7,000. We saw this gofundme early Sabbath (11/17) and we shouted, cried, and praised God for His victory!

It ain't over yet! There are folks who are deciding that $7,000 isn't enough and the total continues to rise after the goal was reached.

But it's still not over yet! Our realtor's dad is looking in dealer auctions and Pastor Mitchell is taking another huge leap of faith this week. This week we are anticipating God's favor, victory and grace to overwhelm us because real talk IT'S NOT OVER YET!

This journey reminds me of Lamentations 3:26. The encouragement is to wait for God's salvation quietly. Quietly - waiting without fear, worry, or complaint. Quietly - waiting with all trust in God's perfect plan, intention and provision. Quietly - waiting with open hands and hearts for His bounty to rush out of the windows of heaven. We are currently watching, praying, and waiting to see what's next! We don't see the complete picture yet but the more I think about this process the less i'm worried about the details. God has already secured all the details!

I'm grateful because it's not over yet! I'm excited. Stay tuned.

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