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I'm traveling this week to an amazing conference. While I have been low-key excited about the conference I was concerned about what I was going to wear. I work from home regularly and our wardrobes need a major upgrade but are still wearable. Prior to last night I owned 1 pair of casual shoes I purchased this spring from a thrift store! I bought Dansko clogs for $20. These shoes normally range $120+ so getting a pair for $20 was ridiculous. But there are these very noticeable scuff marks (noticeable when I wear these shoes with a skirt) that remind me these shoes were gently used lol.

Last night Ché and I went to Wal-Mart to pick up printer paper. We headed toward office supplies and on the way there I noticed these cute black booties with a white sole! They remind me of another pair of shoes I have but are to' up from the flo' up lol. The significance is they are on the clearance shelf and I had just asked Ché earlier if we could afford me purchasing a pair of casual black shoes at the thrift store before I travel this week. He was not sure at the time I asked, but when we saw these booties and realized they were less than $20 on clearance and my size!!!!!

Momma got a new pair of shoes - just in time to go to my conference! I'M GRATEFUL, I think God may be teaching me how to chill!


Our children are home from school and they are not sick. We give them 2 Mental Health Days per academic year. It is something we are proud to offer and encourage. I pray this practice never leaves them even as adults.

Life is hard work. Although we take the Lord's Holy Sabbath Day (friday eve to saturday eve) seriously it is important to us to extend a mental health or self car day as well. A day when they would normally be working hard at school. I'M GRATEFUL!

things to do today:

- eat breakfast

- chill in bed

- watch a family movie at 11am

- eat lunch

- chill

- read

- chill

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