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I was on travel from Nov. 7 - 10th and that makes it a little difficult to post daily because I don't have a laptop that I can travel with right now. Ugggh!!! But this is not about what i'm lacking - this post is about being grateful for what I have! So here goes. Eleven of us from work traveled to Detroit, MI for the Facing Race Annual Conference. And while I didn't blog each day I did track the opportunities in which I could be grateful and express gratitude! I am thankful for this 316th day of the year, a day that I can finally sit down and write the blog post!


I voted and I don't take politics as serious as maybe I should; but I do take my privilege to vote seriously. I am grateful for my ancestors active role in securing my right and privilege to vote. A right because it's written in law. A privilege because some people I know and love cannot vote because of their status in this country. I am grateful! I voted for me. I voted for them. I voted for us!


Solitude is a gift to a busy mom and wife. I love my children and husband with my whole being but chillle a mother needs some space sometimes lol. And traveling to Detroit provided some quiet. Traveling to Detroit created opportunities for me to sit, be still it felt like I was being plugged into a charger. This trip highlighted the very reality that I need B.Leah time as often as it is possible. Solitude prepares me to engage. I was built to engage others, but the best way for me to do that is when I have done the necessary work of being replenished first. That refueling comes via walks outside, getting enough sleep, reading my bible, praying, sitting still, journaling, and being quiet.


"My feet saved my life one day!" I wrote a poem years ago and I sang that line as the hook. My feet is a metaphor for my soul; my soul being abiding with Christ. It was a poem that I loved to perform and to be quite honest my comrades in the spoken word community loved to sing it with me. In fact many of them today when we see each other may start singing that line. My feet took me on a journey in the "D" (Detroit). A journey that I didn't plan for ahead of time, I just decided to go with the flow. Two of my colleagues planned to do some major sight-seeing and shopping and the opportunity to tag along came up and I jumped at it.

On Thursday we walked around Eastern Market in Detroit. My fitbit logged me as taking 20,164 steps (9.07 miles). I'm grateful that I packed sneakers for my trip! I think this is the most I have ever walked - maybe in my life lol. It seemed like we just kept walking and walking. After several hours two out of the six of us decided they needed to recharge back in the hotel room, but I decided to keep strolling. My body was tired but my feet saved my life. We saw so many murals and interesting things (see below). It was fun to be with my colleagues, until this trip we had not spent this much time together, after all I work from home and only come to the office about twice per month. I got to know them better and vice versa. I like the people I work with. I am grateful for my colleagues!


Yaaaaaaaay NOVEMBER 9th marked an entire year where I have intentionally been reading through the bible on a daily basis; and those days when I miss a day I've been intentional to pick up His word again and play catch up! I'm grateful to God for the desire to look for HIS character, power, promises and hope in the bible! If you'd like to follow along with me check out Water For The Thirsty Bible Reading Plan. I am grateful for my work as an advocate and all victim advocates around the world! A woman I sat next to in a workshop at #FacingRace said "I am grateful for your work." Hearing those words planted a deeper appreciation inside of me that I had never had for myself. Hear these words loud and clear.







1. Clean clothes

2. My husband picking me up from the airport

3. Our village that shows up in immeasurable ways to make sure we are secure

4. My husband and I having a moment to talk about our concerns and stressors

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