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be grate(ful)

#RatchetFaith is being (vs. doing) intentionally grateful for what you have even though sometimes what you have ain't what you want! Gratefulness is not an activity but a way to live. Gratefulness is a way to respond to challenges. Gratefulness is a path that can lead us to God's presence and in His presence we have EVERYTHING WE NEED!


I am grateful for this small apartment. It is super cluttered and some people might feel claustrophobic here because we were supposed to move a few months ago and that didn't manifest the way we hoped. Boxes piled up in the living room corners. This apartment is not a place I would willingly invite anyone to spend any amount of time with me/us in. But it's our home (for now). I'm grateful for this shelter.

I am grateful that God is using my current trials to perfect my character. He wants us at optimal not mediocre! And sometimes (probably more than not) God will confine us, dismantle us, disrobe us and sometimes make us extremely uncomfortable just to refine us! 

Spending time this morning to reflect is really helpful! Yesterday I watched a clip of Dr. Dee Knight reminding us to remember and reflect. 

Remember what God has done before. 

Reflect in that space knowing God can deliver you again. I am grateful for that word that GOD placed in Dr.Dee Knight's mind! It was timely for me idk about anyone else! Thank you Dr. Dee Knight for being obedient to God's call! 

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