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NOVEMBER 20 - 24

When you want so much - but it's not time yet.

When you believe you need so much - but it's not time yet.

It's a good idea to be grateful for all of it right now.

The meals on repeat (rice and beans mostly).

The running, jumping and yelling in an apartment that we have significantly outgrown.

The beeping notification that does not stop unless the van is at a stop.

The smoke that renders from an overflow of oil when the heat is on in the van.

The constant negotiating for quiet space.

The weight loss struggle that never seems to be completely dealt with.

The beauty of God's Holy Day of Rest (Sabbath).

The love that continues to flourish between my husband and I.

The running your first Spartan Sprint in 2019.

The 30 second hugs I give my children.

The "mom mom mom mom mom" all day long.

The two Thanksgiving baskets that were delivered to us - just because God sees us.

The knocking on the door when you just want to use the bathroom alone.

The anticipation of going to grad school in 2019.

The hope that stays alive.

The before sunrise quiet.

The first piece of turkey my 7 year old Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian son ate on Thanksgiving lol.

The bare trees til spring.

The cold floor.

The friendship I share with my parents.

The feathers that escape my down coat.

The edges that my daughter constructed on my head lol.

The Levi's I just bought for $20 on Wednesday.

The blessing of hearing my sister and brother's voices this week.

The chats with my mother-in-love.

The roof over our heads.

The opportunity.

The look on my husband's face when he falls in love again (with me).

The Sally Hansen Color Therapy nail polish line.

The socks I took out of his drawer to wear today.

The serving the Lord.

The this.

The now.

The future.

The all of it.

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